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The Curry Aquatic Fun Center is the main setting of Octodad: Dadliest Catch.


What little is known about the troubled history of the aquarium can be found on one of the notepads (possibly all of them) in the game. This notepad presumably belongs to Scarlet, as it reads:

Aquarium Notes


June: Insurance claim. Theft of cephalopod species. Vandalism.

August: Three exhibits declared unsafe for children or the elderly.

October: Director fired.


January: World's largest beluga whale. (Debunked by Ocean Life Survey.)

March: Director resigned in disgrace.

April: World's largest captive kelp forest. (Debunked- Marine Journal.)

May: Director disappeared.

June: World's largest hammerhead?

Reported financial losses.

Low estimated expenditures.

Octopi incident[]

The Timely Times newspaper reported an incident at the Aquarium where octopi disappeared a year before the events of the game. The World of Kelp exhibit now occupies the space where the octopi exhibit used to be.

In the level Silent but Dadly, the Marine Biologists discuss seeing an octopus (Octodad) swimming around the tanks earlier that day. One scientist mentions the previous incident and says that someone forgot to lock the tank. The other scientist disagrees, insisting that the tank was locked and suggests either the octopi escaped on their own or someone intentionally let them out.

Known Employees[]

  • Ticket Vendor
  • Gift Shop Employee



Map on display at the entrance of the Aquarium.

  • Shark Tank
  • Amazon Arcade
  • World of Kelp
  • The Deep Dark Sea
  • Wonder Whales
  • Cafeterium


  • Octodad seems to hate the aquarium because he thinks aquariums are "festering prisons of inequity".