The Hammerhead Shark is the second to last boss in Octodad: Dadliest catch. He is the largest shark in the aquarium, as stated by Shark Joe. He is grey with black eyes and a white belly. He also has massive teeth and an overbite.

History Edit

The Hammerhead Shark was first seen when Octodad's family enter the aquarium. Later on, Octodad is stripped from his clothes by Chef Fujimoto, and he is thrown into the shark tank. Octodad then sees his family outside, but they don't recognize him. The Hammerhead, hungry for calamari, starts to chase Octodad around the aquarium.

Octodad is chased by his toothy pursuer throughout several aquariums, such as Kelp World and the Deep Sea. Finally, Octodad makes his way to the Beluga exhibit and the pod chases the shark off-screen. It is unknown what happened afterward.
The Hammerhead swimming behind Shark Joe. Edit