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Octodad: Shorts is a free DLC about 2 short episodes, with one recalling Octodad's first date with Scarlet and the other being a story about Octodad told by Stacy and Tommy.

Dad Romance[]


DINNER OF LOVE Octodad Shorts - Episode 1

This is the first of the two episodes, and you have to get Octodad through his first date with Scarlet in a fancy restaurant.. Sounds simple? WRONG! The waiters mistake Octodad for a worker and make him help them feed the customers. Fujimoto from the main game is also around, but he doesn't notice Octodad.

The area where you go through consists of 3 rooms, the restaurant, the kitchen, and the bathroom .(though the bathroom in this game doesn't have the secret toilet level, like in the aquarium.)


Tie Description Location
Brick House "It's mighty mighty!" Above the Stove in the kitchen and behind it.
Cheesey Checker "This is just a scrap of tablecloth from a family eatery!" Underneath each and every table.
Pizza Pie "Comes with unlimited Breadstick Ties." Inside the Pizza Sauce after stirring.

Medical Mess[]


OCTODAD SIMULATOR Octodad Shorts - Episode 2

The second of the two shorts, Stacy and Tommy are making up a story about OctoDad. The actors in the story are OctoDad (who plays nurse Dad), his long lost brother (voice only), a jerk/robot, a sad and weird woman with Unicornitis, A very friendly woman who needs rest (and donuts), Dr. Nigel (who has the same name as the guy from the Surgeon Simulator games), several bags of Bloopenol, and some extras. The play area is a lot larger and more expanded than that of Dad Romance.

The Bloopenol has some text on it, which reads as follows: "I don't know what it does, Stacy. It's just one of those bag things you put on a bed thing and it goes all up in your blood. What am I, a doctor? It's probably like syrup or something." Patient 205's diagnosis is a broken butt and 203's is ???????? (later turning out to be 'Unicornitis'), as seen on the clipboards. Also, Octodad's X-ray shows he has no bones.


Tie Description Location
Lime "Wearing this will ward off scurvy!" In the bottom right drawers where the patient information is.
Bones "Great for showing off what a vertebrate you are!" Underneath the X-ray camera, taking an X-ray.
Boo Boo "No amount of bandages can fix a broken heart." Hidden from view in the first cupboard in the surgery prep room.

Octodad Shorts Announcement[]


Octodad Shorts Announcement