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Honey.. So... this news will take some getting used to. But I was imagining MUCH worse! But next time, tell me ten years earlier!
— Scarlet to Octodad about revealing his true self in Octodad: Dadliest Catch

Scarlet is the deuteragonist in the game Octodad and its sequel. She is the naive wife of the series' titular protagonist, Octodad himself. Her appearance is pretty much the same between both games, resembling a typical 1950s housewife. However, in the second game she appears more cartoony than in the first game. Scarlet works as a investigative journalist who writes articles for the local newspaper.


She meets Octodad after stowing away on a fishing boat, possibly hoping to get an insight between the ongoing "fishing war". She is discovered by Octodad hiding behind a crate, and initially believes him to be the ship's captain. It is love at first sight. However, they around the suspicion of Chef Fujimoto, who is also onboard. Scarlet distracts the chef, and Octodad sneaks away to the ship's bridge, where he knocks the chef overboard using a boat suspended from a crane. Scarlet and Octodad later get married and have two children, Stacy and Tommy, although how they actually became part of the family is never revealed.


  • Scarlet is the only character in-game to feature her own theme music, named Scarlet's Theme. A short snippet of the music first plays during the wedding scene where Scarlet and Octodad kiss, and a longer version is heard later during the scene where Octodad and Scarlet dance whilst onboard the fishing boat.
  • Scarlet has been married to Octodad for 10 years.
  • Scarlet has red hair, shoes and wears a turquoise dress with a red sash.