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  1. Aquarium mascot, lovable goof, divorcee!

Shark Joe is the mascot of the aquarium. He kindly greets people. He is also a friend of the Scientists. In the level Silent but Dadly, he goes to change his clothes. After he changed his clothes he probably went to the restroom. Octodad sneaks to his room and sounds the alarm. The scientists go to the room to check what is happening. After seeing all of this huge mess one of the scientists says: 'He makes this huge mess, then splits'.


  • Shark Joe does have a wife and children. It was mentioned by one of the scientists.
  • If Octodad wears Shark Joe's shark costume, the scientists won't notice him.

    Shark Joe as a Trading Card.

  • When he leaves for the day, Joe says he is going home "alone, like always". However the scientists claim he has family. This is likely due to them not knowing about his personal life, as one of Joe's quotes implies he has been divorced, and lost custody of his children.


  • "Hey kids, wanna learn about sharks?"
  • "Have you kids seen any delicious fish, stingrays, or octopuses?"
  • "Be glad your parents aren't sharks, kids. We eat our own young!"
  • "My ampullae of Lorenzini allow me to detect nearby sea creatures"
  • "I could really go for a burger."
  • "I just want my kids back."