Shark Naked

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Shark Tank
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Shark Naked​​​​ is the 9th level of Octodad: Dadliest Catch. It is the level where the player has to navigate Octodad around the aquarium tank to escape a shark chasing him.

Plot Edit

After being thrown into the Shark tank by the Chef Octodad finds a way through the Tank to find a way out but finds his family he notices his family is searching for him but Stacy notices Octodad inside the tank and comes to realize that the Octopus in the tank might be her father the Chef comes to inform Octodad's Family that he has some bad new about their husband Scarlet comes to realize that she's seen Chef before and asks him if he is a old friend of her husband and what can he can tell her about him to which he replies "EVERYTHING!" and tells her to come to the cafeteria with him and Tommy tells Stacy's to come on as they follow Chef into the Cafeteria but Stacy tries to tell Tommy to come back, forcing her to follow him, Octodad then gets his game face and leaves the shark tank.