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Poster found in the Kids Bedroom in the Octodad Family House

Sports Johnson is a children’s television program in Octodad. The series follows the adventures of its titular character, Sports Johnson, who is portrayed as an athletic figure. Each episode typically revolves around a different sports-related theme or activity. Tommy enjoys watching the show.

Known Episodes[]

Ice Skating Episode: Sports Johnson learns to ice skate. Tommy finds the episode girly

Reverse Skiing Episode: Sports Johnson engages in reverse skiing as a climbing sport. He has an enemy named Foozballord.

Time Travel Episode: Sports Johnson travels back in time to meet his son and win a future soccor match between Earth and Pluto.


  • There is a Sports Johnson movie for rent at the Grocery Store, along with a cereal brand named after him.
  • Tommy once created a story called, "Sports Johnson and the Zombie Hurricane", which was so violent and gruesome that Octodad grounded him.
  • The Timely Times newspaper reported that Maxwell "Sports" Johnson is announcing his candidacy for mayor again, remaining determined despite previous losses. His opponents are J. Everyman, an infamous waiter, and a grumbling sushi chef.