Stacy is the daughter of Octodad and Scarlet, and sister of Tommy. Like her mother Scarlet, who's very naive and often said something typically naive like placing her butterfly hair clips all over the yard, saying that she's "returning" them to the nature and asked her father if the trees feels pain when Octodad chop the woods.


"It's alright dad, just hurry up or I'll toast like a marshmallow"

"It's dad! -- Nobody else knew?"

"And I want an apple!"

"Dad!? I'm scared!"

"A princess can do everything he or she wants to!"

"Dad, you gotta switch it so it works right, OR I'LL BE STUCK HERE FOREVER!"

"Give me the shaky light!"

"My potion is already real..."

" I was returning them to nature."

"Thanks for the milk, Dad! Soon my bones will be made of steel!"


  • Stacy is very confident in Octodad.
  • Stacy gets scared very easily.
  • She is 8 years old.
  • She might have always knew Octodad was an octopus.
  • Her outfit in Octodad is a yellow shirt, while the one in Dadliest Catch, is a white shirt and a yellow dress up of it.
  • She is scared of spiders.


Scarlet and Stacy are very loving to each other.

Stacy is very confident in Octodad.

Chef Fujimoto does not really react on Stacy's comments.

She is scared of Tommy.