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Stacy is the 8 year old daughter of Octodad and Scarlet, and younger sister of Tommy. She is quite naive and sweet, shown when placing her butterfly hair clips all over the yard to "return" them to nature and when asking if trees could feel pain. Despite her naivity, she was one of the only ones who managed to figure out Octodad's true identity.


"Don't worry Dad, I'm safe! Just hurry up or I'll toast like a marshmallow"

"It's dad! -- Nobody else knew?"

"And I want an apple!"

"Dad!? I'm scared!"

"You can do it! A princess can do anything he or she wants to!"

"Dad, you gotta switch it so it works right, OR I'LL BE STUCK HERE FOREVER!"


"Oh no! Dad, it’s one of those science men that you’re afraid of! Give me the shaky light!"

"My potion is already real..."

"I was returning them to nature."

"Thanks for the milk, Dad! Soon my bones will be made of steel!"


  • Stacy is very confident in Octodad.
  • Stacy gets scared very easily.
  • It's implied that she always knew Octodad was an octopus.
  • In Octodad, she wears a yellow shirt, in Dadliest Catch, she wears a white shirt under a yellow dress.
  • She is afraid of spiders.
  • She resembles her mother, sans the blue hair.


Scarlet is her mother, the two love eachother very much.

Stacy is very confident in her father, Octodad and knew he was an octopus the whole time.

She is afraid of Tommy.