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That would make you an OC-TO-PUS!
— Tommy Octodad (game)

Tommy is one of the main characters in the Octodad Series. He is the son of Octodad and Scarlet, and the older brother of Stacy.

Octodad (game)[]

He serves to be one of the main characters in the Octodad series. He is the oldest child in the Octodad game.


  • He is 10 years old, meaning he might have been born shortly after Octodad and Scarlet were married.
  • He tends to be naive sometimes, like Stacy and Scarlet.
  • He tends to be disgusting and adventurous sometimes.
  • He thinks learning is boring before he visits the World of Kelp exhibit, but after visiting he claims that learning is fun.
  • He seems to love running around in circles as seen in the game.
  • He wears a light blueand red striped t-shirt, blue jeans, and black shoes.


"Hey look, Dad's up!"

"Wait a second... If dad is an octopus, then where did me and Stacy come from?"

"Jeez, Stacy, dumb things like trees and animals don't feel pain."


  • He tends to be mean to his sister Stacy.
  • An unsure relationship with his mother.
  • Doesn't have a relationship with Chef Fujimoto unless you count tackling as one.